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Mother's Day is around the corner, Mom on your mind?

Posted by Elizabeth Sopher on

I have been out and about a lot lately selling QuickZip, and doing one of my favorite things…..talking and meeting people.  I love learning about a whole new industry as we extend from baby and juvenile products to adults and seniors.  Here are some of the great businesses that will come in handy when your mom needs a hand.

Certified Senior Housing Professional   – Cellini is a Denver Realtor who jumped in to show me the ropes in the senior services community (maybe we got along so well because we are both from Cleveland?).  She and others around the country are a wealth of information.  Here are a few of her tips for finding the right home (and it might be the one you are living in now)

  • Location, Location, Location – think about friends, family , and community you want to stay close to
  • Finances –look at all the costs of staying or moving. Beware online - Get a referral to a trusted broker if you are exploring reverse mortgages.
  • If you stay, make your home comfortable and safe. You might want to add grab bars, a walk-in shower, or create a main floor master.

Major Mom – Professional Organizing Services.  As you might suspect, Major Mom founder, Angela Cody-Rouget, was a Major in the US Air Force.  She served for 13 years and thrives in orderly environments.  Now, she and her team of “Liberators” are restoring order for us civilians.  She believes that order is not about being inflexible, order it allows us to have room in our brains to think about important things. (Wow! That would help)  Angela and her team really understand what makes us a mess from the inside out– and can help us clean it up.   One Expert tip -  don’t run out and buy containers  as soon as you feel the urge to organize – wait until you go through the Major Mom process  of envisioning, planning and implementing – the containers come at the end!

Silvernest- A homesharing service designed for baby boomers and empty nesters.  I heard the company’s founder on a call through the investment platform, Portfolia.  Silvernest is an application that allows you to list your room, screen and then meet potential matches, create a lease, and collect rent  – they put it very simply, “You’ve got room to share.  We’ve got what you need to fill it".  Homesharing can allow us to generate revenue from what is often our biggest asset.

Could your mom use some help?  

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