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QuickZip joins PORTFOLIA Collection on Amazon

Posted by Elizabeth Sopher on

Portfolia Collection on Amazon supports women-led startups

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – MAY 5, 2016 - Portfolia, the leading platform for women investors and women led start-ups, in partnership with Amazon, has launched the Portfolia Collection, a group of remarkable products from women-led start-ups backed by Portfolia.

This collection further extends the work that Portfolia is already doing to identify the best women-led start-ups and green light them for growth with capital from women investors.

Portfolia Companies are working relentlessly to bring breakthrough ideas into the world and into the marketplace. Now, the Portfolia Collection on Amazon Launchpad gives these companies the consumer access only Amazon can provide.

Beginning today, May 5, 2006, Amazon Launchpad will feature the Portfolia Collection of companies offering the best innovations for women, by women, backed by women. Companies such as: Amelia (Beauty), myLAB Box (Health), Stella Carakasi (Fashion), Kuli Kuli (Nutrition), and QuickZip (Home Goods) among many others.

Beyond offering these products for purchase, the curated collection will also feature the stories of women entrepreneurs and their teams who through perseverance and passion are bringing to the marketplace innovations that other women, and the people they care about need and want in their lives.

You can shop the Portfolia Collection beginning today at

Come visit us on Amazon Launchpad and at If you are a women-led start-up we want to see what you’re working on and help you get the capital you need to succeed. If you are a women investor, come invest with other women to support the start-ups working to bring to market the products and services they, and so many other women, want to experience.

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