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We love our customers here at Clouds and Stars and think they are the wisest bunch around!  Oprah isn't the only one with a great list of favorite things, we know our customers research tirelessly to find the best products for their families.  This week we are featuring Mom, Heidi, and her favorite baby and toddler items.  Heidi, a Denver resident, is Mom to the smart and bubbly four year old, Ellie.




QuickZip Sheets

QuickZip sheets are, by far, one of the best and most useful items I had during the first months and years after my daughter was born.  Sheets get changed so often with little ones, and these sheets are SO easy to use.  We had a starter set and two additional zipper sheets - which was perfect to have not one, but two sheets ready in case a quick change was needed.  I liked the QuickZip crib sheets so much, we now have the twin zipper sheets on my daughter's "big girl" bed and they are still saving me time and sanity!



Green Sprouts Silicon Freezer Trays

Shortly after my daughter started eating pureed foods,  I decided to make them myself.  The green sprouts freezer trays make 15 - 1 ounce cubes, making it easier to gauge how many to thaw as my daughter grew, but also let me know how much she had eaten (or hadn't eaten) as well. Being a conscientious first-time mom, I was always a little concerned about my daughter eating enough at each meal.




Twilight Constellation Night Light - Ladybug

This is a fun night light that projects constellations on the ceiling in 3 different colors.  The light goes off automatically after 45 minutes, which helped my daughter get to sleep, but didn't light up her room the entire night.  The illumination is much softer than a traditional night light, which, I believe, helped to promote restful sleep.



Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table
This was my daughters first activity table - I used it early on without the legs and then added them as she started to pull herself up to a standing position.  The music and activities on the table kept my girl entertained, happy and content.  The fact that the table includes educational info like shapes, colors and 1-10 counting was an added bonus.


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