Mother's Gone Mad

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I watched a crazy Italian movie this weekend and I identified a disturbing trend…we mothers must be going crazy!   First of all, I want to state that of course, I did not have time for a whole movie, but watched the 1.5 hour movie in snippets on my computer, on my Ipad, and while cooking and in bed.

The movie was called Bread and Tulips, it is in Italian with subtitles.  Not sure how I picked it, but it showed up when I was searching Amazon Prime for my go-to romantic comedies, as I am usually not in the mood for wrenching emotional movies or anything violent.  (My husband has tried to convince me that I am only “watching” a movie, but I generally “live” them, and can’t take too much stress).  This movie is basically about a woman (wife and mother) who goes on a wander.  It was funny and cute, with a happy ending.  After I watched it, I realized that I read and loved at least two books last year with the same theme – women escaping!  The books were Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn) and Where’d You Go Berndette? (Maria Semple).  Then I started to worry…  Am I (and could we all be) on the verge of running away, too?  The next day I read about Arianna Huffington, who after a serious bout of exhaustion, is promoting her new book “Thrive” and the “transformative effects of meditation, mindfulness, unplugging, and giving”.  I am getting a strong message – take care of yourself!

In that spirit, this month - multitasking like mad as usual, falling from one deadline to the next - I finally decided it was time for a reboot, and on Friday afternoons I have been taking at least an hour to do something for myself.  I have gone to acupuncture (which I LOVE!) and last week got a pedicure.  If not, a long walk will also do the trick.   It is all making sense to me, allowing my body to feel better and clearing my brain a bit.   I am really going to try to keep it up!

What do you do to reboot?

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