The 7 Most Important Crib Safety Tips

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"With each child, the world begins anew." (Ancient Jewish Saying)
"Every child begins the world again….”. Henry David Thoreau

I came across these two similar quotations this week and they remind me that we need to redouble our effort to spread the word about baby safety, and specifically safe sleep environments, to each new parent and caregiver, and to keep doing it over and over.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following Safe Sleep practices to parents (and they remind us to provide care givers with this vital information as well).

  • Always place babies to sleep on their backs during naps and at nighttime.
  • Avoid letting the baby get too hot.  (watch for sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, heat rash and rapid breathing)
  • If you use a pacifier for sleep the pacifier should not have cords or clips that might be a strangulation risk.
  • Place your baby on a firm mattress, covered by a fitted sheet that meets current safety standards. For more about crib safety standards, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Web site at
  • Place the crib in an area that is always smoke free.
  • Don’t place babies to sleep on adult beds, chairs, sofas, waterbeds, pillows, or cushions.
  • Toys and other soft bedding, including fluffy blankets, comforters, pillows, stuffed animals, bumper pads, and wedges should not be placed in the crib with the baby. Loose bedding, such as sheets and blankets, should not be used as these items can impair the infant’s ability to breathe if they are close to his or her face. Sleep clothing, such as sleepers, sleep sacks, and wearable blankets are better alternatives to blankets.

At QuickZip we are proud that our QuickZip® Crib Sheet and PortaBaby® Safety Sheet for Play Yard go beyond current safety recommendations – they not only “fit snugly” but they wrap all the way around the mattress, so when zipped and closed fully they will not pop off, preventing the risk of the sheet becoming loose in the crib and causing entanglement hazards.  We remind our customers to keep safety at the top of their mind with a safety bookmark or notepad in each package shipped from Clouds and Stars.

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