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On Thursday as I printed info for our staff meeting, finished up a few emails regarding the new website launch and potential investors in our growing business, and made a phone call to one of our buyers, Caroline said "did you see the email saying they may deliver the shipment today?" (Unsaid “And not next week when we were prepping for it?”).   Moments later Tammy noticed a huge truck moving slowly up and down our street and next thing we knew.... In our office clothes, high heels and dresses..... We were face to face with the back end of a full container. (The driver got the first box off the top and then left as quickly as he could)........


We had been waiting for this container through port delays on the west coast so expected the shipment next week. We have obviously received shipments before but this one was different- our first shipment from new factories and the inventory for our launch in buybuyBABY stores in January. it was a 40-foot container full. I had calculated how that would fit in the warehouse- and thought I could picture what 67.7 cbm looked like... I have to admit, I underestimated!


So, after a few calls to likely reinforcements (including a temp agency, husbands and children) and offers of money and gifts to some neighboring businesses, - and as Caroline calls us-We Scrappy Women set to unloading. 5 hours and 847 boxes later, with the help of the our neighbors (the RugDoctor with their forklift, the pallet recycling guy and two men moving their business in next door- the warehouse was full to the brim (almost as if I had correctly calculated the exact amount that would fit!) and were shipping back orders (and taking Advil).


Job Skills used today:

Sales, project management, customer service, marketing, IT, HTML coding, adaptability, resilience, perseverance, spatial awareness, organization, recruitment, numerical calculations (aka counting boxes!) hiring, community relations, vendor management, planning, and brute force!

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