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Top Five Uncommon Uses and Benefits for QuickZip Sheets

Posted by Elizabeth Sopher on

QuickZip easy-change sheets are not just for babies’ cribs and toddlers’ beds. They can make life easier for a whole lot of other folks as well. Because our sheets have a permanent base that can stay on the mattress and a sheet that quickly zips on and off the top in mere seconds, they are easily changed when they need to be washed. And without all that tugging and nail-breaking effort that regular sheets usually require.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that QuickZip are easier to fold than traditional fitted sheets as well.

QuickZip sheets will be a game changer for these five uses:

  1. Seniors: Although most people have had to change the sheets their entire adult lives, for the elderly it can be a chore that is exhausting. No need to wear yourself out trying to get that fitted sheet back onto the bed, pulling, reaching and lifting mattress corners. Especially after it’s been washed a few times and has shrunk, making the task even more challenging. Save your strength with QuickZip, the sheets that zip on and off in a flash.
  2. Arthritis sufferers: Your aching joints will barely notice you’re even changing a sheet, when all you have to do is lay it on top of the mattress and zip around. So much easier on your hands than old-fashioned sheets that need wrestling with at every corner. Say goodbye in particular to the struggle with that last corner. Your hands will thank you. By the way, if you know someone with arthritis in their hands, QuickZip sheets make a truly thoughtful gift.
  3. Bunk beds: Yep, those are an absolute pain to change, with the rails and  posts at the corners. Changing the bottom bunk is not so bad, but what about all that maneuvering you have to do to get a regular fitted sheet onto the top bunk? With QuickZip, this task is done in a flash. No worries about falling out of that top bunk while you yank at that final corner of the sheet; instead, slap our QuickZip top down and zip it around.
  4. RV beds: You’re in your RV. Camping, traveling the country, seeing the sights. Who wants to waste even a second on changing sheets? And since with our QuickZip award winning sheets (available in sizes crib to full, and soon queen and king as well!), you are only changing the very top part, you’ll have way less laundry to do as well.
  5. The sick or bed-ridden: If you’ve got an invalid at home, perhaps someone who was in an accident, or a pregnant woman on bedrest, QuickZip easy-change sheets will be a life-saver. Or at least, a huge time saver. When someone is spending a lot of time in bed, the sheets need changing even more frequently than usual. And that lovely fragrance of “fresh-washed” sheet will be a comfort as well.

What are your unusual needs and uses for QuickZip sheets? We’d love to hear your stories.

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