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Top Father's Day Gift Ideas for New Dads

Posted by Elizabeth Sopher on

Father's Day is just around the corner, and for new and first-time dads, the day can signify something very meaningful! Just like new moms, first-time dads undergo major changes in their life when their baby is born. One of the most notable changes is probably an irregular nighttime sleeping schedule that includes middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes.

Having a baby changes everything. No longer can most new parents eat, sleep, exercise, work, watch television or relax any time they want. Once a baby is born, most daily activities revolve around the baby's schedule.

Most people want to get their father the absolute perfect gift on Father's Day, which is usually a gift that is meaningful and shows just how much a child loves his or her dad. But what is the perfect gift for the father of a newborn baby? Is it a new tie or a sweater? A gift certificate to a 5-star restaurant? Probably not. Truthfully, a new, sleep-deprived dad probably wants something that will make his life a little bit easier.  In fact, a gift that is designed to make the lives of the new dad and the new mom makes an excellent Father's Day gift.

QuickZip Zipper Sheets
Crib sheets make a great Father's Day gift. Why? Because they make a father's life easier. They also make a mother's life easier, a grandmother's life easier, and any caretaker's life easier.

Imagine this scenario: It's 2:00 am and the baby has a wet diaper and the crib sheets is wet. The crib sheet must be changed. Both the mom and the dad must get out of their bed and work simultaneously to clean and dress the baby in a fresh outfit.  The mom and the dad  must lift the entire crib mattress out of the crib (as well as bumpers if they are used) and fight to replace the dirty sheet with a difficult-to-handle, clean traditional crib sheet that is not cooperative. Once the sheet is placed on the crib mattress, the parents replace the mattress in the crib. Finally, the baby can be placed back into the crib on the clean crib sheet for a few more hours of sleep.

If the crib mattress had been equipped with a QuickZip crib sheet, the scenario described above could have been completed faster and more efficiently. Hence, both father and mother could have gone back to bed earlier and with less complication.

Easy-Change Sheets
QuickZip crib sheets are easy-change sheets. The top portion of the sheet is easy to remove and replace with a clean topper. QuickZip crib sheets are designed to save time. And in the  middle of the night, time is an incredibly important factor!

The addition of QuickZip crib sheets to a baby's crib is one simple way to improve a new father's life. This product makes a great Father's Day gift.... it's a gift that will be truly appreciated the next time baby's crib sheets must be changed in the middle of the night!

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