Set Up a Positive Sleep Environment for Your Baby and Reap the Rewards

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Babies don’t sleep through the night, particularly newborns, and parents have to suffer the effects of sleep deprivation on a regular basis. Most parents just grin and bear it.

We’ve heard from our customers that our award-winning QuickZip easy change sheets take a bit of the load off, providing a two-piece sheeting system that allows for quick and easy middle of the night changes. The sooner you change the sheets, the sooner both you and baby can get back to sleep.

But along with practical, time-saving products like QuickZip sheets, there are other ways you can help your baby get the sleep he needs, so you can get the sleep you need.

The sleep environment you create for your baby can make a huge, cumulative difference. It’s not just adults who need their sleep. Babies need it too. So why not take the steps to create an effective sleep environment in baby’s room?

How to set up baby’s room and crib for optimal sleep:

  1. Keep it cool: many parents overestimate how warm the room should be. Studies indicate between 65 and 70 degrees makes the optimal sleeping temperature.
  2. Keep the crib empty: sure, a crib filled with adorable stuffed animals is . . . adorable. But it can be dangerous. A clutter free crib is one of the guidelines to protect against SIDS, but it serves another important purpose as well. It gives the subtle message that being in the crib is sleep time, not play time.
  3. Keep it dry: this refers to both baby and mattress! The QuickZip waterproof mattress pad and Easy-Change sheet will make nighttime changes as painless as possible.
  4. Keep it dark: turn the lights as low as possible. Light, particularly from electronic devices and screens, actually inhibits the production of melatonin, the “sleepy hormone.” So keep the room as dark as you can get it both at nighttime and naptime.
  5. Keep it quiet: this sounds like a no-brainer, but many parents want to help their kids learn to sleep through anything. There are all sorts of sound generating gadgets on the market, however, they might be too stimulating for baby. For some, a white noise machine can be helpful as it blocks out all other sounds.

One last tip: to help regulate a newborn’s sleep cycle, expose him to lots of sunlight during the day. This natural environmental cue will help baby’s body regulate to be awake during the day and sleepy at night. Using a portable play yard is perfect for this purpose. If you do have a play yard, you might want to take a look at our QuickZip sheet, designed to fit snugly and securely on most standard size play yard mattresses.   QuickZip

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