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How to Effectively Wash QuickZip Sheets

Posted by Elizabeth Sopher on

You sleep on a mattress. Your mattress is covered with sheets. What does this mean? It means that every so often, your sheets must be washed!

No matter if you like to wash your sheets once a week or every single day, there are definite "dos and don'ts" when it comes to effectively washing sheets.

QuickZip zip-on sheets are very similar to regular sheets in that they should be washed on a regular basis. Because QuickZip sheets are high quality and made of durable material, the sheets should last for many years no matter how many times you throw them in the washer and dryer.

Here is our list of tips on how to wash and dry your QuickZip zipper sheets:

Don't stuff your washing machine too full when you are washing sheets. You want the washing machine to be able to do its job effectively. If the machine is too stuffed, the water and detergent cannot flow freely throughout the machine and around the sheets.

Use the correct amount of laundry detergent. If you use too much laundry detergent, your washing machine might not be able to rinse out all of the soap. If you use too little laundry detergent , your washing machine might not get the sheets completely clean.

Don't use bleach unless absolutely necessary. White sheets and colorful sheets can be damaged by bleach. Unless there is a very good reason to use bleach on your QuickZip zip-on sheets, avoid using it.

Have multiple QuickZip sheets available. QuickZip sheets are high quality sheets. But that does not mean you can get by with just one. When you have multiple sheets available, you can put one in the laundry, one on your bed, and one folded in your linen closet at all times.

Don't avoid washing your sheets for too long. If you have white bed sheets, you should be able to see that they are ready for a wash after a week or two because they will look dirty. If you have colorful sheets, it' might not be as easy to see that they are dirty and ready to be washed. No matter what color sheets are on your bed, make it a habit to wash them every week or two.

Keep clean sheets stored neatly in a closet. The nice thing about QuickZip zip-on sheets is that they are very high quality sheets. They are also easy to fold. Because you leave the QuickZip fitted base on your mattress at all times, and zip on and off the top part of the sheet (which is essentially a flat rectangle of fabric), the sheets are simple to fold and store in your linen closet after taking them out of the clothes dryer.

Avoid over-drying your sheets. You might own high quality sheets, but that is no excuse to over-dry them in the clothes dryer. Exposing any type of cloth or material to an excessive amount of heat can cause damage over the course of time.

Keep your QuickZip zipper sheets in great condition for many years by using care when washing and drying them in a machine. The feeling of slipping into bed on freshly laundered sheets is always nice. With QuickZip sheets, it's easier than ever to zip off your bottom sheet, wash it, and replace it with a fresh and clean one!

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