Buying the Best Crib for Your Baby: 6 Safety Tips

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Your baby is coming, and although friends and relatives have been very generous with hand-me downs, you might want to buy a brand new baby crib and crib mattress. This is an excellent decision, because cribs these days have important new safety features and some are even convertible to a toddler bed, once your baby outgrows the crib.

However, if your friends and family want to get you something for the crib, of course we recommend our award winning, mother-approved QuickZip easy-change sheets. The perfect gift, these easy-to-change crib sheets save new parents time and energy because they are so much quicker to change than regular old fashioned sheets. QuickZip crib sheets and QuickZip crib sheet sets meet all recommended infant bedding guidelines to reduce your baby's risk of SIDS.

When it comes to your new baby’s crib and your baby’s crib bedding, we’re sure you’ll agree that safety is the main priority. Millions of cribs have been recalled over the last decade for safety issues.

Here are the main things to look for when shopping for your baby’s crib:

  1. Slat distance: The slats on the sides of your baby’s crib should have spaces between them no wider than 2 3/8 inches. With spaces this narrow, there will be no risk of your baby’s head getting stuck between the slats or slipping through altogether.
  2. Harmless corner posts: If you want to purchase a crib with corner posts, make sure they are no higher than 1/16.”. This is to ensure your baby’s clothing does not catch on them, once he gets old enough to pull himself upright. The only exception would be posts over 16” high which are designed to support a canopy.
  3. Ability to adjust height of mattress: Look for a crib where the mattress support can be raised or lowered, instead of one fixed position. Once your child is able to sit up on his own, or pull himself to a standing position, you’ll want to lower the mattress to prevent him from climbing or falling out.
  4. Secure fit between crib mattress and crib frame: Crib mattresses come in a standard size, but oddly enough, cribs come in varying sizes. If you can fit more than two fingers between mattress and frame, either the mattress is too small or the crib is too big. This gap is a safety hazard for your baby, who might easily get a hand or foot stuck in this space.
  5. Stability: When shopping, give the crib a good shake. If it wobbles or rattles, it might not be put together correctly or it might simply be a flimsy crib. Look for one that is appropriately sturdy. 
  6. Drop sides have been banned: Although this style of crib was popular for years, the drop sides—if they get damaged or come loose—can pose serious risk of injury or even death to a baby.

Learn more about crib safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Along with buying a safe crib, also consider safe bedding. Crib bedding must fit the crib mattress snugly, to meet safety guidelines. And no sheets on the market today are designed to stay safely on the mattress and fit the standard size crib mattress like QuickZip crib sheets and crib sheet sets.  QuickZips base stays on the mattress and wraps all the way around the bottom so it won’t pop off, and sheets zip easily off and on.  (The zipper is hidden beneath a flap and the pull tucks out of sight and out of reach).

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  • I’ve been searching for the right crib for my daughter. After reading I’ll be sure to use your advice. I’ll be sure to get a crib that has a mattress that fits securely in the frame. I’ll also make sure that the frame doesn’t shake too much. That way I’ll be able to keep my daughter from falling in between the mattress and the frame, and I’ll also be able to see if the crib is sturdy.

    Pancho Cham on

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