Nursery Safety 101 - Keeping Your Baby's Nursery Safe

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Crib safety is always important and a top priority for parents of a newborn baby. There is much more to take into consideration than just the crib when evaluating the overall safety of the baby's entire nursery. As a new parent, you want to make sure that your baby's environment is always free of hazards. Since your baby might spend several hours a day in the nursery, especially during the first few months, it's essential that the nursery is kept safe at all times.

In order to keep your baby safe, secure and comfortable, it's important to create a peaceful and protected atmosphere in the nursery. This requires thoughtful placement of furniture, the elimination of items that are known to be potential hazards, and adding items that can prevent an injury. Even though bringing a baby home from the hospital can be an overwhelming experience, you can rest assured that your baby is as protected as possible when you know the nursery is safe.

To create a safe nursery for your baby, make sure to follow these easy steps:

Crib Safety. Not only is it essential to select a crib that meets all current crib safety standards, but the placement of the crib is just as important. A crib should not be placed within reach of hanging curtains, blinds or cords hanging near a window. A baby inside of a crib should not be able to reach anything that could pose a safety risk. Placing the crib at a safe distance from lamps, a baby monitor, and other objects is important.

Safe Baby Bedding. Safe baby cribs contain a firm mattress that fits snugly in the crib. Safe baby bedding is essential (CPSC Safety Alert), and QuickZip zip-on sheets for crib mattresses are an excellent option, going beyond the minimum requirements. Experts recommend that the mattress should be covered in a fitted crib sheet that will not pop off the corners of the matters no matter how much the baby wiggles and moves. QuickZip zip-on sheets stay in place and won’t pop off because they wrap all the way around the underside of the mattress and create a safer sleeping environment for your baby.

Changing table. A baby's changing table can be dangerous. It's tempting to leave a newborn baby on a changing table for a few seconds while grabbing a diaper that is located across the room. But leaving a baby unattended for even a second can create a dangerous situation. Even the smallest babies left unattended on a changing table can roll and fall to the ground. Make sure your baby's changing table has a safety belt.

Baby monitor. Many new parents like the idea of placing a baby monitor in the baby's nursery so they can hear the baby cry. There are many types of baby monitors. Some offer audio and other provide video of your baby's room. While there are obvious benefits to a baby monitor, it's important to keep the monitor at a safe distance from your baby. Many monitors are heavy and contain an electric plug. Make sure your baby cannot grasp and tug at a the monitor or have access to the cord, which can create dangerous situations.

There are many safety factors to take into consideration when setting up a baby nursery. QuickZip is proud to offer safe baby bedding that can help new parents create a safe and comfortable nursery for their new baby. Our safer baby bedding creates the best environment for your baby, supporting crib safety and safer baby cribs all around the world!

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