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Back to College - Top 10!

Posted by Bold Apps on

Wondering what you really need at college?   Our awesome marketing intern, Brandon, will be a senior this fall and has figured it out.  After three years of research, here are his top 10. 

Writer Brandon B., right before he wrote the Da Vinci Code and sent it to Dan Brown.
  1. Notebooks & Folders: The 4 subject notebook is perfect for the student who wants to keep everything in one place. Folders can be reused from past years, but there’s something exciting about crisp clean new folders, a color array of your choosing. And anything to get yourself excited for class, in my mind, is worth a few extra bucks.
  2. Water bottle: I’m loyal to the Camelbak, The traditional model or the newer open mouth style. These are durable and easy to carry and to fill, and can be purchased with a built in liner for extra insulation. They are also guaranteed for life, so if yours breaks or wears out, you can get replacement parts or a whole new bottle. Just don’t lose the bottle, because then you’ll be buying a new one, like me.
  3. Storage and organization materials: Whether or not you are the type to commit to staying organized throughout the year, nothing gets you more excited for class than having a designated bin for your highlighters and a fresh calendar begging to be written on as your duties and responsibilities begin to pour in.
  4. Planner: The portable version of the calendar. I like to have my to-do’s on my phone as well, but there’s always the fear that you’ll be accused of texting in class when writing down your assignment, and I prefer to be able to physically write and cross things off on paper, the old fashioned way.
  5. Bike: I just recently bought a bike, which is a perfect and fun way to both exercise and let go of stress. The real benefit, though, as I am living just off campus my senior year, is that I won’t have to walk 25 minutes or pay for parking to get to class. A U-lock is necessary either by your campus’ requirements or just your own common sense. A helmet, too, if you don’t care about having your hair messy when you get to class. 
  6. Fall clothes: It’s my senior year, so trying to meet and impress new people around campus isn’t really a top priority. That being said, fall clothes are still my favorite, and having a fresh new look can help boost your confidence and prepare you for a new semester.
  7. Lanyard: I’m always losing my keys. This year I am going to make a change starting with buying a lanyard and committing to a place to leave it when I get home. Simple enough, right?
  8. Bedding: When I moved out of the dorms and into my college rental home last year, my parents were unwilling to give me any of the nice sheets and bedding from home, so I resorted to the cheapest I could find at Target and Ikea. This year, I’m 21 and ready to spend some of my summer savings on a better night’s sleep, including some QuickZip fitted sheets for my double bed, and a new comforter, maybe from Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond.
  9. Spotify: I have used my 3 month trial for 99 cents, and Spotify has done their job and gotten me hooked in this time. You have to have your headphones and your favorite playlist when running, biking, or when avoiding painful small talk with fading acquaintances while walking to and from class.
  10. Non-school books: I buy all my textbooks online now for the most part, as it saves money and enables the search function when looking for key terms and specific passages. When it comes to non-school books though, I am holding on to the past with hard copy books. They’re better for your eyes at night and turning the last page is always more satisfying than scrolling to the bottom of an app. Perhaps David Sedaris to add some comic relief as I power through data analysis and computer coding in the fall.

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