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Your Labor Day Camping Checklist

Posted by Brandon Barker on

With the holiday weekend just over a week away, you may want to start prepping early to make sure you have everything ready for labor day. If you’re going to brave the traffic and go to your favorite camping site, look no further. Here’s a short list of the top 20 things to make sure to bring with you!

  1. Tent/Camper
  2. Sun shade
  3. Sleeping bag/pad
  4. Air mattress/sheets
  5. Pillows
  6. Multi-tool or knife
  7. Daypack
  8. Trekking poles
  9. Folding chairs
  10. Folding table
  11. Mallet or hammer
  12. Headlamp
  13. Flashlight
  14. Water bottle
  15. Bike
  16. Fishing gear
  17. Canoeing/kayaking gear
  18. Proper clothing and footwear
  19. Kitchen supplies and food
  20. Personal & recreation items

Want more tips and advice? Check out Grasshaven Outdoor, the ultimate all-in-one site for your camping needs.


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