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We love our customers  and think they are the wisest bunch around!  Oprah isn't the only one with a great list of favorite things, we know our customers research tirelessly to find the best products for their families.  This week we are featuring Mom, Natalie, and her favorite baby and toddler items.  As a busy Mom of two, she has a lot of expertise in the area!


QuickZip Sheets


These are awesome because when you have a screaming baby or sick toddler in one arm you can still change the bed with your other arm.  The sheets take almost no time to change and my husband and I have found this a sanity saver (especially in the middle of night with a sick kid when you are operating more on adrenaline/caffeine than sleep).

Sparkles Cloth Diapers

We love these diapers because our daughter has very sensitive skin and she has never reacted to them.  The diapers also wash quite well and we've never had a stain on them.  A bonus has been that we've actually saved quite a bit of money by having them and they come in some super cute prints.

UnknownBright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone

This activity centre has been a life saver, especially since the second child came along.  My second daughter just loves to be held, and that is not always possible (plus she’s REALLY heavy), so it’s nice to have somewhere that we can put her where she can play and still see us.  It gives us a break and she enjoys it as well. Her older sister also likes to play with her when she’s in it because they are basically eye level. 

Baby Einstein Around The World Play Gym

We enjoyed the play gym for basically the same reasons as the activity centre, just for when our daughters were very small.  They could lie on the gym and play with the various animals hanging down in front of them.  Their favourite toy on the gym was easily the panda.

 Fisher Price Ring Stacker


This toy is not large or expensive, but both our girls just loved it (they still fight over it and the oldest is almost 3).  The toy kept them each occupied for fairly long stretches of time (sometimes up to half an hour) and they were perfectly content to just sit and play with it.  Both the joy it has brought our daughters and the minutes of calm it has brought our household have been invaluable.

Thanks for sharing Natalie!  What are your favorite baby and toddler products?  Comment below if you would be interested in having us feature your favorites!

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