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Do the cribs at your day care facility or hotel comply with safety standards?

Posted by Elizabeth Sopher on

Standards for hotels and day care facilities going into effect  - December 28, 2012
crib standards

Beginning July 28, 2011, all cribs sold in the US were required to meet new stronger safety standards.  Starting on December 28, 2012, child care facilities, including family child care homes and infant Head Start centers, as well as places of public accommodation, such as hotels and motels, and rental companies must use only cribs that comply with the new crib standards.

Know the requirements to keep your child safe.
  • Ask whether cribs meet the standards
  • Look for a label on the crib documenting that it was manufactured after July 28, 2011
  • Cribs manufactured before July 28, 2011 should have documentation from a 3rd party testing lab
For more information:
CPSC Crib Information Center
Final Crib Standards

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