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The Bella Fund

Posted by Elizabeth Sopher on

QuickZip gives us the opportunity to meet people doing great things.  We were recently contacted by Kristy from Bella Beds as she needed sheets that would work with the features of her daughter’s uniquely designed bed. Kristy created Bella Beds when she couldn’t find a suitable bed for her daughter with special needs. "Her sweet little fairy daughter, Bella, was diagnosed at 18 months with a rare syndrome that includes global development delays and seizures." The seizures and her daughter’s lack of understanding that she could fall made it impossible for Bella to sleep alone in a standard bed.  Kristy spent months of research looking for a suitable bed and praying for a solution.

Kristy received an answer through the generous donation from friends at the Wheel to Walk Foundation to help with the cost of designing and building a specialty bed.   She worked with The Joinery in Portland Oregon to create a suitable bed.  Due to the effort and dedication of Marc at The Joinery, Kristy nominated him for a local news Everyday Hero segment.  Marc won the award and a segment aired in January 2011.  A viewer of the segment contacted The Joinery offering to contribute financially to the next Bella Bed.  This was the beginning of The Bella Fund. The Bella Fund assists families by providing safety beds (Bella Beds) for children in need.  For more information, visit The Bella Fund.

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