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Bunks are hot for 2017, and not just for kids! Here are 9 of my favorites.

Posted by Elizabeth Sopher on

I have been doing a lot of research on bunk bed and loft ideas – prompted by my oldest going off to college, my guilty pleasure watching the Tiny House show on HGTV, and developing marketing plans for QuickZip.  The bottom line is that bunks are pretty cool these days and definitely not just for kids.  Reinvented, and hot now as bunk rooms for guests, and lofts for tiny spaces. (As you will see below, a few of my go-to sources for inspiration are Houzz, Apartment Therapy, and Minimalisti).    I have whiled away many hours perusing these pictures, driven, for some reason, to dream....... 

Dreams of living in a modern house, where all the furniture is intentional:

Dreams of having a warm and welcoming home in the mountains or on a beach with room for tons of friends and family with a bunk room like these!  A place where everyone is having a great time, active all day skiing, hiking, or in the water or chilling in the sun and relaxing with great meals at night (Preferably like in the movies, where the food magically appears and is magically cleaned up)

 bunk rooms from

Bunk rooms from

Dreams of living in a small, perfectly organized space with only the few things that I need!

And the biggest dream…..   having a QuickZip on every one of these beds.

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