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Introducing QuickZip Questions!

Posted by Elizabeth Sopher on

We just started a new feature on, and I am really excited to bring you the results of our first survey – Hosting for the Holidays - and some other fun and related information.  (BTW, did I mention ….. I love data! Flashback to my past life as a geochemist doing environmental cleanup work). We’ll be posting new questions and reporting what we learned every week.  Thanks for sharing!

Bottom line from our first poll is that you all will be hosting a lot of people this season and are hoping to get a lot of cleaning and organizing done in the next couple of weeks!


Respondents (AKA: QuickZippers) told us:

  • You will have up to 25 overnight guests,
  • Guests will stay up to 2 weeks –(average: 5 nights);
  • You’ll be entertaining up to 50 people (not overnight), and
  • You are decorating and cleaning up before they arrive! A few quotes:
    • Cleaning my basement!
    • Cleaning and purging all closets
    • Getting the house organized
    • Kitchen, guest bedroom, basement room
    • Cleaning up
    • Organize the basement

You told us some fun stories about the holidays which we will get into at a later date…..

We QuickZippers are similar to the US population in general, getting ready to spend time socializing over the holidays.  Pew Research Center (2013) reported that overwhelmingly, 69% of those polled, we most look forward to spending time with family and friends over Christmas and the holidays.  The next most popular responses were “Religious reflection/church” (11%)  and that “People are happy and joyful” (7%).

The flip side is that at studies show that we don’t necessarily follow through.  Results of a time-use survey by indicate that we actually do not spend any more time with friends and neighbors during the holiday season than during the rest of the year.  The same study reported the one big change in our behavior during the holidays is spending more time with our parents. 

It turns out the reason that we don’t host as much as we want might be: organizing and cleaning. One study (by a storage and moving marketplace)  found that 40 percent of Americans—especially millennials (59 percent) and people with kids (57 percent) have avoided hosting the holiday because of their clutter.  And, look at this piece of information:

When asked: Which of the following would be more stressful?  38% of respondents chose "Cleaning their house for Thanksgiving" over "Waiting in Line at the DMV". 

But - there is one more side to that coin…….Apartment Therapy reports that Americans may be less likely to clean for company than we imagine.

What is your MO?  I really like having people over, or so I say.  I always clean up for company, driving my family crazy in the process demanding their help.  However, for me, the cooking is more of a mental roadblock to having people over than the cleaning.  Of course, I could solve that problem too - streamlining that food prep, or buying prepared food.

Will you take the opportunity to do what you want to do this season? or what is in your way?  Let us know! 

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