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Keep Your Cool - in Bed!

Posted by Brie Jepkema on

We all have our reason why we need to cool down on summer nights. Some of us don't don't have AC, some of us fight over the thermostat setting, and some of us just  hot. Here are 9 hot tips to keep you cool. 

Cotton Sheets
It's been proven over and over that cotton sheets are the way to go to keep cool in bed. The natural fibers are breathable and can prevent perspiration. It's also a good idea to wash your sheets more frequently in the summer. QuickZip sheets are made of cotton and are so simple to change and wash. It's the perfect fit for summer bedtime.

Ceiling Fan
If you don't already have one, try investing in a ceiling fan. You can find reasonably priced models and it's a game changer in the bedroom. In the summer your want the blades to be spinning counterclockwise so the cool air is pushed down. It's amazing what a little airflow can do! 

Chilly Sheets
For an out-of-the-box approach, trying placing your sheet in a Ziplock bag and then into the freezer for a few minutes before bed. Back on the bed, and It will start your night of right by cooling your body temperature down. Try this with our Zip-On fitted sheet, it's easy to throw in the freezer and zip right back on. 

Cotton Pajamas
Just like your cotton sheets, try cotton pjs. You could even skip the shorts and just sleep in your undies! 

Cold Shower
Another way to bring down your body temperature before hopping into bed is to run a cold shower. Hop in for just a few minutes and feel instantly refreshed, not to mention clean! 

Unplug Appliances
Something you might not think about is your appliances. Even if they're "sleeping" too, they can still give off heat. Unplug them completely so you're not adding any extra heat to your room. 

AC Setting
Where your thermostat is set to can be a touchy subject in some households. A lot of times people turn the temp up at night, but sleeping in a cold environment is ideal - try turning the temp down instead. If you're ok with a few dollars more on the electric bill, set your AC to 65 degrees as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. 

Blinds Down
The best way to have a cool bedroom at night is to keep it as cool as possible during the day. Before you leave work make sure all your blinds are down.

Starfish Pose
It may seem silly, but sleeping like a starfish can really help! Keeping your legs and arms out lets air flow around your armpits and groin. Bonus - you can pretend like you're making a snow angel. 




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