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Customer Reviews

Love at first night.


We’re glad the press likes us, and we’ love to hear what our customers say. Luckily, they are very vocal about QuickZip® sheets. And, we would love to hear from you!/p>

  • They will save your life. You'll want to kiss them. You'll never go back. Seriously. (Tried & Truth review on Facebook )
  • ..... best discovery since chocolate!  (Jennifer, Chicago)
  • These sheets are worth their weight in gold!   (Jessie, Atlanta)
  • Conventional crib sheets are for the birds!! Best thing since sliced bread! (Allison, Denver)
  • I wanted to thank you, The QuickZip® sheets are every parent's dream. No mother should ever have to wrestle with a crib mattress again! (Sarah, New York)
  • This is the fourth set of sheets I've bought from you - two for me and two for friends. I recommend these to every new mom, too! … Thanks for making such a great, innovative product that truly makes my life easier!  (Jill, Pennsylvania)
    • Ever since discovering these sheets, I have bought them as a baby shower gift for every pregnant friend/family member and they have thanked me later. It is genius! (Susan, LA)
    • We were given QuickZip® Sheets when our son was born. I had no idea what a fantastic gift it was until I tried changing regular crib sheets. We gave all of the regular fitted sheets away and only use QuickZip®. Thanks so much for a quality product!  (David, New York)
    • It is honestly beyond me why people DON'T use these sheets. Seriously ... it's a no-brainer!  (Heather, Seattle)