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I'm so glad someone bought these for me when I had my first child, my go-to gift.

Sarah D. –

Love love love the fit and feel of Luxe sheets! I’ll never go back to old fashion sheets again!!

Loraine S –

Safety is my major concern. Traditional crib sheets can pop off. With QuickZip my baby is safer.


Finally a fitted sheet even I can fold. I don’t dread laundry time anymore

Patsy F. –

One of my top baby registry picks. QuickZip is a total lifesaver.

Monica Banks, Founder of The Gugu Guru –

...Beyond me why people DON'T use these sheets.'s a no-brainer!

Heather –

The crib sheet parents can’t live without!

Meg Collins, Founder of Lucie's List –

Such a great solution! This 40-year-old mama doesn't have to climb on a bunk bed anymore.

BJ –

QuickZip is a game changer! It solved one of my biggest problems

Susie T –

...Easily changed (at 3 a.m.) without removing the whole damn mattress.

Meg Collins, Founder of Lucie's List –

Conventional crib sheets are for the birds!! Best thing since sliced bread!

Allison B. –

Perfect for adjustable beds – won't come off...VERY HAPPY!

Corey –

Amazing quality, so easy, great service. received a hand-written thank you note for my order!

Molly A. –
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