Registry Guide

Registering for QuickZip?  Choose a site where you can get all items you would like and that is easy for your friends and family.  We recommend these sites for the best results. 

Amazon: Make your registry easy with amazon’s simple set up and wide range of available products. The site will prompt you to give information about yourself, your baby, and finally your permissions and preferences to make your registry that much more customized to your needs.   

 Babies R Us: *QuickZip products to be available soon* Babies R Us is another great site to use for your registry. The online store has a large inventory of in demand items, provides buying guides for your convenience, and allows you to choose among a list of preferences to make your registry more catered to your specific wants and needs.

 BuyBuyBaby: Creating your registry on this site will ensure a customized experience as well. You will be asked about your baby’s expected arrival date, the date you intend to have a shower, the child’s gender and name if known, and the intended theme or decor of the nursery. This type of information can help to further guide your friends and family in the right direction when selecting gifts, and provide more of a consistency to the gifts you receive. 

BabyList: BabyList is very unique in that it allows you to create a registry from products all across the web, no matter the store, all in one place. You can even add non-traditional gifts that can’t be bought online such as a home cooked meal, or a day of free babysitting. Finally, BabyList is a very simple platform, to make it easy on everyone involved, and is available across multiple platforms. 

Lucie's List: Our friends at Lucie’s List have a great registry guide if you are looking for information and inspiration – and it is all set up on BabyList ready to go!