Crib Zip-On Sheet

To get started with our Crib Zip-On Sheets, you'll need a Crib Drop-In Base, which comes with all of our Crib Starter Packs.  Once you have the Crib Drop-In Base, you're ready to mix and match with any of our Crib Zip-On Sheets.  All of our Crib Zip-On Sheets are interchangeable and come in a variety of colors and materials.  Our cotton Zip-On Sheets get softer every time you wash them.  Our velvety soft fleece Zip-On Sheets are heavenly soft and cozy.  We recommend having at least two extra Crib Zip-On Sheets for convenience and variety.

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Why Struggle?

From middle-of-the-night messes to crib sheets that always pop off at the corners, keeping clean, secure sheets with babies can be a challenge. That’s why QuickZip reinvented the crib sheet. QuickZip is a patented, two-piece crib sheet system that easily zips off and on. With QuickZip, you can change sheets fast and often so that baby can get back to sleep and you can get back to your day.

QuickZip Crib Sheets are:

  • Easier - No more struggling with lifting the mattress
  • Faster - Sheet zips off and on in seconds
  • Safer – Fully surrounds mattress and stays in place
  • Durable - Lasts kid after kid
  • Smarter - Zipper is fully covered and pull tucks away for great function and beautiful finish
  • Neater - Crib skirt stays in place while changing
  • Quality - 100% pre-shrunk cotton that gets softer with each wash

Top Customer Questions

Q: What size crib mattress works with your crib sheet?

A: Our crib sheet fits a standard crib/toddler mattress (52" x 27") and 5" to 7" thick

Q: Are your sheets waterproof?

A: No, but we recommend you purchase one of our waterproof flat crib mattress pads as they work perfectly with our crib sheet since they are easy to remove when you are changing the Zip-On Sheet.

Q: What is the thread count of your sheets?

A: Our cotton and organic cotton sheets are 200 Thread Count

Q: What do I need to get started?

A: We recommend you purchase a Crib Drop-In Base and at least 2-3 Crib Zip-On Sheets. All of our Crib Zip-On Sheets are fully interchangeable. We also recommend that you purchase at least one waterproof flat crib mattress pad.

Q: Does a standard crib mattress pad fit with your crib sheet?

A: You can use a standard crib mattress pad with our crib sheet, however, it is more difficult to change than our flat pad. Our flat pad is designed for our sheet system and can be easily removed when the Zip-On Sheet is zipped off for washing.

Q: Are your sheets treated with any flame retardant chemicals?

A: No, our sheets are not treated with any chemicals.

For Best Results:

  1. Wash and dry before first use for best fit. Our sheets are preshrunk and designed to allow for an additional 1% - 2% normal shrinkage.
  2. Slip Drop-In Base on mattress (first time only). The base covers the bottom and sides of the mattress.
  3. Place waterproof flat crib mattress pad on top of mattress.
  4. Make sure slider is at the start position.
  5. To locate zipper start positions on the Zip-On Sheet, find the QuickZip logo tag
  6. Zip around (zipper teeth intentionally overlap at start/finish position so zipper pull can be tucked away).
  7. To change: zip off and zip on a clean Zip-On Sheet.