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Twin Collection Starter Pack

QuickZip sheets are quick to change and stay securely on the mattress, providing hassle-free comfort day and night. Twin collection offers the option of a total security wraparound base which when zipped, the zip-on sheet cannot be pulled off the mattress.

Choose your perfect pack option: Basic (1 base and 1 zip-on sheet). Premium (1 base and 2 zip-on sheets) or Deluxe (1 base, 2 zip-on sheets and 2 mattress pads). Additional zip-on sheets and mattress pads are also sold separately.

Superior Quality Total Security 200 Thread Count Fleece
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White Cotton White Fleece
Gray Cotton White Fleece
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Product Details

QuickZip twin fitted sheets are extremely high quality and offer the ultimate in convenience. Traditional fitted sheets are hard to change, hard to wash, fold and store, and can easily pop off the mattress. QuickZip fitted sheets consist of a fitted base that installs securely on the mattress, and the zip-on sheets that can be changed in seconds. The twin collection offers two styles of base - the standard fitted base and the wraparound which provides utmost security - and the zip-on sheets zip easily off and on both.  All Starter Packs include the base and at least one zip-on sheet;  Premium and Deluxe packs include additional zip-on sheets and mattress pads.

Base Styles:

  • Fitted Base: Open on the bottom, and covers the 4 sides of the mattress.  It goes on like a regular fitted sheet and the zip-on sheet zips off to change while the  fitted, elastic part stays on the mattress.
  • Wraparound Base:  Fully covers the bottom and 4 sides of the mattress  (same style as the QuickZip Crib Sheet).
Twin Collection Features:
  • Covered zipper
  • Hidden zipper pull that tucks away out of reach
  • Zipper start location at the foot of the bed
  • Bases are pre-shrunk 100% cotton, 200 thread count
  • Zip-ons sheets are available in 100% cotton or velvety soft mink

Twin sheets fit standard Twin sized mattresses: 75" X 39" and up to 11" thick. 

Our Twin Collection zip on sheets are not compatible with our Luxe Collection due to the zipper start location.

Why Struggle?

If you are tired of fitted sheets that pop off the corners, are hard to put on, and impossible to fold, QuickZip is the answer. QuickZip is a patented two-piece fitted sheet that easily zips off and on. With QuickZip, you’ll sleep on clean, crisp beautiful sheets more often. QuickZip is the only fitted sheet designed for hard to reach mattresses like bunk beds, lofts, trundle beds, daybeds, beds with drop-in frames, adjustable beds, split kings.

QuickZip Fitted Sheets are:

  • Easy - No more struggling with lifting the mattress or reaching awkward corners.
  • Fast - Sheet zips off and on in seconds
  • Secure – Base hugs the mattress and stays in place
  • Durable -The base is built to last, and interchangeable zip-ons can be replaced whenever you are ready for a refresh.
  • Smart - Zipper is fully covered and Twin Collection features the zipper pull that tucks away for great function and beautiful finish
  • Neat - Easy to fold and store and bed skirt stays in place while changing
  • Quality - We select only the best materials for QuickZip - pre-shrunk, sateen, 100% cotton,100% velvety poly mink and the best zipper available.
Q: What size mattress works with your twin fitted sheet?

A: QuickZip fits a standard twin mattress (75" x 39") up to 11” thick.

Q: What is the difference between the Wraparound Base and the Fitted Base?

A: The Wraparound Base covers the whole underside of the mattress and the Fitted Base is open on the bottom like a traditional fitted sheet, but with sturdy elastic all around so it will stay put. Both bases have ample elastic in the corners and in the bottom to fit a wide range of mattress thicknesses. Zip-on sheets within the Twin Collection are interchangeable between the two base styles.

Q: Are your sheets waterproof?

A: No, QuickZip Sheets are made from 100% cotton or 100% poly mink without additional treatments. To protect your mattress and provide comfort, we offer several styles of waterproof flat mattress pads. They are quick to change and stay securely in place beneath the QuickZip

Q: What is the thread count of your cotton sheets?

A: Our cotton sheets are 100% cotton with a thread count of 200.

Q: What do I need to get started?

A: We recommend you purchase a Premium or Deluxe Starter Pack. All of our Twin Collection Zip-On Sheets are fully interchangeable so you can mix and match colors and fabrics and purchase additional zip-ons at any time.

Q: How is the Twin Collection different from the twin sheets available in the Luxe Collection?

The Twin Collection is a more economical assortment, and provides the added security features of a zipper pull that tucks away, and the option of the wraparound base which fully covers the underside of the mattress The two collections have different zipper start locations so Zip-on sheets are not interchangeable.

Q: Does a standard twin mattress pad fit with your twin fitted sheet?

A: You can use a standard twin mattress pad with our fitted sheet, however, it is more difficult to change than our flat pad. Our flat pad is designed for our sheet system and can be easily removed when the Zip-On Sheet is zipped off for washing.

Q: Are your sheets treated with any flame retardant chemicals?

A: No, our sheets are not treated with any chemicals.

For Best Results:

  1. Wash and dry before first use for best fit. Our cotton sheets are preshrunk and designed to allow for an additional 1% - 2% normal shrinkage.
  2. For first use, drop mattress into wraparound base and zip on the zip-on sheet, or for fitted base, zip sheet and base together and place on mattress as you would a traditional fitted sheet..
  3. Place zipper start at the foot of the bed.
  4. To change: zip off and zip on a crisp, clean zip-on sheet.
Our patented deep pocket base goes on once, fits securely around the mattress and stays in place.
Our zip-on sheets zip off and on the base in seconds.f