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Waterproof Flat Mattress Pad Felt-Crib

Waterproof Flat Mattress Pad Felt-Crib

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We have searched for the best waterproof pads for you and tested each one. QuickZip pads are flat - with no skirt - for quick changing, the perfect compliment to the QuickZip system. This felt pad provides Great function for a great price.  Soft 100% polyester felt on both sides with an internal, waterproof, phthalate-free vinyl barrier.  Electronic quilted in a diagonal pattern. (Produced by Bargoose ) We recommend machine wash and dry (low heat) for all pads.
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Comfort + Protection + Ease:

Mattress pads provide more comfortable sleep through increased breathability, temperature regulation and moisture wicking.  Plus these QuickZip pads are hassle free; change them as often as you like, and never struggle to get the pad on the mattress

Flat pads lay flat on the top of the mattress, fit perfectly under your QuickZip Sheet and stay put for sleeping.  Because they have no skirt (that wraps around the sides of the mattress) they can be changed in seconds whenever you change your zip-on sheet.  

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