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5 tips for college freshman they don't tell you about

Posted by Elizabeth Sopher on

Forget the "Freshman" packing list  - learn from experience.  We interviewed some soon-to-be college Juniors to get their advice, and they were happy to share.  Here are their 5 top tips. 

1.  Do not forget the stapler (and the staples).  Many students have memories of  running around campus at midnight or just before a deadline looking for a means to connect all the pieces of an assignment.  Not Fun!

 2.  Beware the gadgets.  Packing lists include a lot of items you don't need, probably won't use, and won't fit in your new tiny space from organizational supplies to electronics, to clothing steamers and desk supplies. If you are not sure, wait until you get there to decide if you can't live without it, and then order online.  As a default: Go Simple!

3.  Little-known necessities:

  • Outdoor Blanket - a beautiful day studying or relaxing outside is the perfect cure-all.
  • Portable Speaker - fill your space - indoors or outside with music and good energy
  • Costumer clothing - theme parties, Halloween, St. Patrick's day and other random events will require expensive last-minute overnight shipping or dashes to Goodwill unless you plan ahead. 

4. Don't loft you bed up too high.  Everyone suggests that you raise your bed up to allow for storage or even living space below.  Our experts don't go for it.  "it doesn't feel homey"

5.  Wash your sheets, often!  Following on from #4 - because all that fits into most dorm rooms are beds, desks and closets - your bed will also become your living area.  You will regularly study, socialize, eat, and sleep -  to name a few - and your sheets will take much more abuse than they do in your bedroom at home.  We recommend our NEW specially sized and tested QuickZip Twin XL -Dorm sheets.  They are quick to change, easy to wash and won't pop off those slippery mattresses (plus they will fit well with or without a topper).    #ThatCleanSheetFeeling.

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