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How QuickZip 2-piece fitted bed sheets work

Once installed, zips on and off the mattress in seconds.

QuickZip sheets are a two-piece fitted sheet. Once installed, the base will remain snug around the sides of the mattress and never have to be removed. The zip-on sheet then quickly and easily zips on and off for easy changing. For ultimate comfort, the zipper is tucked out of the way and out of sight.

Zip the sheet on and off the base in seconds. It's that simple! QuickZip zippered fitted sheets are easy to use.


Easy, one-time installation.

Once installed, the base stays on the mattress.
QuickZip zippered fitted sheet base installs easily. In the non-crib sizes, the base installs   just like a regular fitted sheet, but is engineered for durability and perfect fit. For the crib   sizes (and some twin mattresses), the Total Security base wraps all the way around the mattress   for safety and security.


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